Visit Matlock England and Beyond for a Great Vacation

Many people have the finances to visit just about any place they like for a wonderful vacation. Some choose the most exotic locations around the world or have memorable times doing incredibly exciting, and even dangerous undertakings. 

Others choose to go to the places that have a reputation for having the highest quality shopping, beaches, food and activities anywhere. But they do not just visit these places like the average person would, they make even how they visit and what they do while they are there, special.

For example, some of the highest class travelers choose to visit the lovely Mediterranean Sea area, which is home to some of the most sought after vacation locations in the world. The destinations around the Mediterranean Sea include, the beautiful Greek Isles, the grand island of Sicily, lovely French beach locations including Cannes, Nice, and St. Tropez, and comparably beautiful coastal cities in Spain, Croatia, and Turkey. Instead of choosing to visit only one of these beautiful locations, they choose to,to charter a fully crewed yacht, and visit several or even all of them. 

Having the financial wherewithal to be able to take such a vacation is of course wonderful, but even if you have lots of money, it does not mean that you have to spend lots to have a great vacation. The goal of your vacation, can be to keep it simple and go someplace that offers a great cultural experience, good quality food and drink, a family atmosphere, and a few really cool things to do. That is where unlikely places like Matlock England enter as potentially great vacation destinations for all of us, no matter our economic standing. 

Matlock, England

Matlock England is a small English town located about 30 miles from Manchester. This scenic, quaint, and comfortable hamlet has a population of about 20,000 and today is a mix of classic English village life with a few updated conveniences. The city abounds in history and historical images and attracts visitors from all over England and foreigners who want a vacation with a complete change of pace.  Matlock has grown a reputation as a great place to come either alone, with your partner, or the entire family, to get away from the hustle and bustle and have a fun and relaxing time. 

Things to Do in Matlock

The city of Matlock has a list of things for visitors to partake in, that will surely be entertaining. Matlock is one of the gems of the Peak District, filled with history, attractions and beautiful scenery. Here are a few things to do when you visit Matlock.

Visit the River Derwent Area

The lovely River Derwent has been a location attracting those who want to have a picnic or simply to just sit and reflect. It can certainly bring calm and serenity and offer a quiet place to catch your breath. The area also has a list of things to do. You can trek through the Hall Leys Park and view the many different types of flowers that bloom there nearly year round. There are also lots of restaurants where you can order some of the local food and cafes where you can grab a coffee or beer. You can also do a bit of shopping and even catch some gambling at the gaming centers located near the river. 

Tour the Lumsdale Valley

One of the heights of the Peak District, is the Lumsdale Valley. This picturesque spot can be visited alone or by tour which is best, because the guides know how to get you to the best spots to view. You will be shown waterfalls, lush green hills, and lots of farmhouses and mills. All of it is perfect for picture taking and giving you a sense of how the area has looked for hundreds of hundreds. 

Come and See the Heights of Abraham Park

Getting to the Heights of Abraham Park requires that you take a cable car ride that is both scenic and fun. The seven minute ride gets you to a beautiful hilltop park where you can traverse the green hills and spend time traipsing through mysterious caves and caverns that dot the park. Guides can teach you about Matlock’s mining history, and walk you through the fossil factory where you can see lots of fossil remains on display. There are lots of things to do for the family including a playground, shops, cafes and a restaurant. Although Matlock might not seem like the typical place to consider when you are looking for a place to visit, it is ideal for clearing your head and getting back to nature. Consider bringing your family to Matlock ad enjoy remembering that life can also be wonderful when you slow things down.