Stag Do

Stag do from Matlock

For years now it’s been a tradition when one of your friends gets married to take them out on a night they’ll never forget. Although Matlock has a lot of bars that would be great to celebrate the occasion, a lot of Brits travel abroad to Europe. One of the most popular cities to visit, is Prague.

It’s impossible to have a bad night out in Prague. It’s not considered the stag capital of Eastern Europe for no reason. It’s an adventure playground that mixes traditional charm with all of the 21st century luxuries of a modern city. Whether you’re after a crazy night out or stunning architecture, nightclubs such as Goldfingers or simply a traditional museum, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Matlock is situated ideally in the middle of the UK, which makes it the perfect meeting point if you have friends located all over the country. The local airport (East Midlands) also has regular flights to the city.

If you like drinking beer, you’ll definitely LOVE Prague. Most Czech beers are light beers, brewed naturally from hand-picked hops. Breweries are producing more and more dark ales too, so if you’re a fan you’re in luck. When ordering a beer in a pub, be sure to ask for ‘Male Pivo’ (small beer) or ‘Pivo’ (normal beer).

There are many traditional pubs that offer food too. Most of them offer traditional dishes but if you’re looking for international cuisine, neat bars, cozy cafes or simple fast food and sausage stands, you won’t have to look far!

If your group fancy a little culture, be sure to check out the Prague Castle. Dating back to the 9th century, it is the largest ancient castle in the world. The iconic structure has served as inspiration for fairy tales, tv shows and many films. The castle is so large it’s more of a village or small town on top of a hill than a castle. The views from the top are breathtaking!

So, if you live in or near to Matlock, we’d definitely recommend Prague for a stag do.